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Each of the Wildfire Churches is part of the Minneapolis Area Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA.)

What does that mean?

The ELCA is our “denomination;” that is, the religious affiliation we claim. We are Lutheran Christians so our faith is grounded in the grace of God: forgiveness, reconciliation and newness of life right here and now. We try hard to live for the love of God and in service to our neighbor.  Sometimes we even get it right!

The Minneapolis Area Synod is a geographical grouping of about 150 ELCA churches in our area. Each synod, or grouping, has its own bishop (pastor to the pastors) and council or board. It is easier to work in groups like this. Minnesota also has the St. Paul Area Synod, Northeastern, Northwestern, Southeastern and Southwestern Minnesota Synods. We are the only state with 6 synods so some people say that Lutherans are denser here…

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Minneapolis Area Synod
122 W. Franklin Ave · Suite 600 · Minneapolis, MN 55404